Sunday, November 8, 2015

La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel

Skincare is one of my ultimate loves. As much as I love putting my makeup on, one of the best parts for me is actually taking it off, cleansing my skin and going to bed with a fresh, pure canvas. I’ve also struggled with spotty skin for most of my teenage years; I wouldn’t call it acne but my spots have definitely been large, sore and really annoying. So, in my hunt for a spot cure and a facial cleanser that eliminates excess oil and removes any traces of makeup left on my face in the evening, I’ve trialed and tested quite a few brands. The one I’ve loved the most is definitely La Roche Posay, who uses pH balanced spring water and designs their products for sensitive skin. I’ve been using their Effaclar 3 Step Anti Blemish since Christmas 2014 and so far, I’ve been head over heels in love with them. You can read my full review on the 3 Step System here (Link).

Onto the face wash itself; it’s hard to believe how much I can love a product. I recently mentioned this 200ml repurchased bottle in my latest haul video (watch here), and I simply can’t live without it now. Its spot clearing power is incredible, it leaves my skin feeling beautifully refreshed. For a cleanser with so much power, I’m surprised at just how gentle it is on the skin. There’s no bad odour, no stinging sensations at all, and best of all, no tightness or dryness of the face after drying off.

The gel has a velvety feeling when lathering up on your face, and there’s something so indulgent about it. It’s softening and kind to sensitive skin. To be honest, I never even realized I should be using products designed for sensitive skin before I tried this range! For only £7.70 on FeelUnique, and at a similar price at most Boots stores, it’s easy to get your hands on and definitely worth a try if you suffer with oily, greasy or spot prone skin. I cannot recommend this product enough; I’m absolutely in love and it is my holy grail facial cleanser!

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