Thursday, November 26, 2015

Zoeva Luxe Colour Blush in Shy Beauty

As part of my cheeky recent ZOEVA haul, I treated myself to a new blush. As face products go, blushes seem to fall into the background a little bit! I’m a total fiend for foundations, powders and bronzers, but I seem to forget about blushes. So, this time, I made sure I picked one up for myself, and after much deliberation over their fantastic choice of colours, I settled on ZOEVA’s Luxe Colour Blush in Shy Beauty.

This blush was £6.95 from the BeautyBay website (Link), and is described by Zoeva as ‘a universal light peach brown with an ethereal matte finish’. It’s an understated peachy coral with quite warm undertones; perfect for spring and summer. It’s a matte powder with absolutely wonderful blending ability, which looks really natural on your cheeks. Although I’d say this was a more summery shade, I still have loved it through autumn/winter so far because it adds a natural, warm flush of colour to your cheeks.

The powder itself is beyond beautiful, like a little compact of suede which is velvety soft and smooth. Formulated with vitamin E and apricot oil (snazzy!) which helps the blush to nourish your skin and leave you looking totally airbrushed and with a healthy flush of colour.

It should suit most people; as far as I’ve seen on blogs and reviews, people do seem to think it’s a great match for their skin! It’s definitely a lovely addition to my collection, and I even featured it in my ‘A/W Favourites’ video (Link). I really can’t wait to add more of ZOEVA’s great cosmetics to my collection. I’m so excited I’ve tried this, and I’d definitely urge you to try this out if you’re on the hunt for a universally flattering blush.

Have you tried any of ZOEVA’s cosmetics or brushes? What did you like about them? Let me know in the comments!

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