Friday, March 18, 2016

More Lashes To Love?

If there’s one thing I’m lucky with, and ‘good at’, its mascara. Luckily, by some divine miracle, I’ve got quite long eyelashes. They don’t take too much effort or too many coats to look thick and full, so mascara is never really something I blog too much about because it’s not the most important thing to ‘get right’, personally. Having said that, I went and bought a NYX mascara from My mum got me a voucher, so I decided to invest it in something I hadn’t treated myself to in a little while; a mascara! NYX had loads of different options on the Very website, but I went with the More To Love version because it seemed best suited to me.

The product description says “Be big and be proud with NYX's unforgettable waterproof formula. The straight brush shape easily grabs and coats each lash from root to tip to boost length.” This mascara is part of NYX’s Lush Lashes range, which has six different mascaras that I’m feeling twitchy to try…

The best bit about this mascara for me is the wand. I love this style of brush. The little tiny bristles catch all my eyelashes and coat them in the formula. I only have one little gripe, and that is that I have to apply quite a few coats to get my desired effect. The lashes take a little while to get fully black and thick, but the bristles are so teeny weeny and precise, its easy to coat them. Another thing I love is that it’s hard to make mistakes, the wand is really easy to control and I haven’t plastered my eyelids in black gunk so far!

The comparison image is no coat vs one coat, but most of my latest selfies on Instagram are with layers and layers of it on! Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

Have you tried any of NYX’s Lush Lashes mascara range?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



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    1. it's certainly a good little buy if you're looking for more affordable brands!


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