Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review | MAC Lipstick in Whirl

I have been obsessed with Whirl by MAC since I was first told “I’m sorry, that one’s sold out”. There’s something about shades that aren’t in stock that make them all the more appealing, and you start to consider if £78 off eBay + £19.99 shipping from another country is really all that expensive(!?). Nope? Just me?
Anyway, I was just on my weekly ‘accidental’ visit to my local MAC store, when I happened to ask if they had Whirl, and by some divine miracle, they did! I basically sprinted to the checkouts to make sure it was mine (and then lived on beans on toast for the rest of the week).

Whirl is beautiful matte shade, which I initially thought was a lot nude-r than it actually is. If I had to describe the shade, I’d say it’s a rich, warm, caramel-rose. It’s a perfect match to the much loved, much coveted Whirl lip pencil. Made infamous by Kylie Jenner, this shade has been sold out pretty much everywhere for the longest time, but I can personally understand the hype. I’ve worn this lipstick every day for the past week or so!

It’s comfortable on the lips. For someone who has really terrible, dry, cracked lips all-year round, I’m always wary of how matte lipsticks are going to treat me. Luckily, though, MAC mattes always deliver. They apply creamily and softly (it can help to apply a thin layer of lipbalm first!) and really do look perfectly matte. This lipstick is also beyond awesome for overdrawing your lips (very Kylie Jenner!), and once you’ve got the art mastered, you won’t have to splurge £500 in lip injections…yes I checked.

This is another winner from MAC, and I’ve added it to my ever growing MAC lipstick collection, AKA my pride and joy. For me, £15.50 has become ‘the price’ for lipstick, and I don’t consider it to be fiendishly expensive anymore. The shade is so flattering, sits comfortably and stays for absolutely aaaages. I can’t really find anything negative to say about my new love affair, which is absolutely always a good sign!

Have you tried a lipstick from MAC’s matte lipstick collection? What do you think of Whirl?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. I haven't tried any of these MAC lipsticks yet, but I really really love this shade. I think it suits you really well x

    Liz ~

  2. Whirl suits you so much! I love it i have it in both lipstick & lip liner form xx


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