Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Honest & Realistic Guide To A Summer Body

It’s that time again. It’s that time where we all promise to get to the gym, ditch the junk food and try desperately to find ourselves appealing in *that* pair of shorts that we refuse to throw out, no matter how obscene they might look nowadays. I certainly don’t proclaim to be any sort of fitness or health guru. I’ve had my health-kicks and my clean eating stints (none of which ever last more than a couple of weeks), and you’re far more likely to find me with my head inside a bag of chocolate buttons than jogging round the park. I think this blog post is more motivation for myself than anything else. BUT! I thought I’d write down a few promises I’d like to make to myself in the hopes of inching my way closer to actually morphing into Rosie Huntington-Whitley.

I promise to not be too hard on myself
First things first, I’m not going to go through my fridge and throw away all the food I love. I’m not going to fling my teabags in the bin and pour my beloved blue-top milk down the sink. I had an incredible winter, filled with comfort food and lazy evenings in, so the fact that I’ve got slightly more of a tummy is just proof to me that I’ve been enjoying myself over winter! I’m also not going to beat myself up when I see myself naked in the mirror, and I’m not going to over-exaggerate how I look. I’m not unhealthy, I’m not putting my health at risk with the way I eat at the moment. I’d just like to tone up a little more so I feel more confident over summer! It’s all about perspective and fairness. We are our own biggest critics, after all!

I promise to make little changes
I promise to have a cup of green tea rather than my usual milk-and-two-sugars-full-fat-milk-affair in replacement of one of my daily brews. I’m going to buy reduced fat hummus instead of the usual stuff. I’m going to use Quorn chicken again (I fell off that bandwagon a couple of weeks ago, boo!). I’m going to drink more juice instead of fizzy stuff. These are all achievable little goals, and I don’t ever want to feel like I’m going without. I love food too much to ever starve myself or ban myself from cooking a huuuuge pasta bake. Little alternatives can be the key to making a massive difference. I won’t set unachievable goals because when I can’t achieve them, I’ll give up altogether.

I promise to do at least one form of exercise per day
Whether it be taking the stairs in my university accommodation, getting off the bus one stop before mine and walking the rest of the way, or doing a few situps or squats before bed in my room, I promise to do at least something. I’m dreadful! The epitome of a couch potato! But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned; it’s that you can actually make yourself feel more energetic if you do a little bit of activity.

I promise to try on new summer outfits
I have so many clothes, I don’t even know what I own anymore. I’m going to dedicate an entire afternoon to trying on my summery clothes and putting together new outfits. It’s all about seeing what is working out best. I certainly don’t need to buy any more stuff, and I haven’t really gone up in size (I don’t think!). I think it’s mostly to do with the fact that I’ve built up in my mind that I’m going to look foul when I have to wrestle my Levi’s shorts on, and in reality, it probably won’t be half as horrific as I’ve pictured.

I promise never to weigh myself
This is, and always will be, my number one fundamental rule. I refuse to work by numbers. It isn’t about what the scales say, or what the tape measure says. It’s about feeling confident and sexy when I look at myself in the mirror. I saw an article in a magazine once that totally put me off weighing myself; it had a line of about seven or eight women of all different shapes, sizes, body types, and they all weighed the exact same! Numbers just don’t apply, they don’t mean anything at all.

I promise to treat myself to little rewards when I’m feeling like I’ve done a good job
If I feel like I’m looking great, then why not a new set of underwear? Why not a trip to Five Guys? If you’re constantly punishing yourself, where’s your motivation to keep going? It’s about little and often with me. Lots of encouragement and lots of incentive. There’s nothing more lovely than giving yourself a little gift to say well done! To: Me.. Fab Job! Love: Me xxx

I hope that this guide isn’t too vague or useless. I understand that there’s no actual fitness tips or diet plans on here. But why do we all feel the need to drag ourselves through weeks of hell? I like to stick to a rewarding, achievable method, and I usually find that it pays off a heck of a lot better for me in the long run. I hope you liked this very honest, very truthful list of promises straight from my Nutella-loving soul!

What are your tips for getting into shape for summer? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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