Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Life | October

October is one of my favourite months; I love the cold change and it means you get to get out and explore new activities that you’re not able to enjoy in the same way over summer. I’ve been at university this month, and have finally started to get into the swing of it and settling in with my new flatmates. I’ve also been able to see a lot more of Chris. He lives in London still, but instead of a 6 hour journey, it’s only a 3 hour journey now! We’ve spent most weekends together and have done some really cool things exploring our new areas and meeting new people.
Chris gave me a Promise Ring the week he started university. Not in the Christian way you see from the Jonas Brothers, but it’s to symbolise our commitment and our promise that we’re going to make it through whatever our new lives throw at us. It’s in the style of a loose knot, so it signifies our intention of ‘tying the knot’ at some point. It’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me, and I’m so happy. I just can’t wait for us to move in at the end of this academic year!
I went back to Devon for a few days to visit family and friends. I spent a good portion of it completely drunk and had such a lovely time filling in my friends about Bristol and hearing about what they’d been up to. I met up with my best friend Tara who has three pugs (!!!!!!), so we walked them for an hour along the beach and then settled down on the sofa with a couple of vodka and cokes while absolutely buried in pugs!
When visiting Chris in London one weekend, we went to Rough Trade in Shoreditch which was one of the places we went to the first time I went up to see him. We got pictures taken in the Rough Trade photobooth (photobooths are one of our little traditions), and had a bit of lunch, then explored the vintage markets. I absolutely adore London. I feel as though I fit in there and spending the days having adventures with my partner is the best way I can think of to spend a day.

What was your favourite thing that you did in October? Let me know in the comments!

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