Monday, February 10, 2014

Real Techniques Brushes Review

I’d like to introduce you to one of my love affairs, the RealTechniques brush collection. Oh how excited I was when they arrived through my letterbox! These brushes were made by Samantha Chapman, a makeup artist and YouTuber, and the brushes claim to give you a ‘pixel perfect’ finish.

The brushes I have are the Expert Face Brush, Blush Brush, Setting Brush and Powder Brush. Let me start by saying that these brushes are impossibly soft and silky on the skin, they feel so so incredible!

The Expert Face Brush has short, dense bristles which make it perfect for buffing liquid foundations into the skin. It has a dome shaped head which makes it easy to get into those hard-to-reach areas around the sides of your nose. This brush is divine, allows you to build and build the foundation and leaves your skin looking utterly flawless. I always say that the way your makeup looks is 20% the makeup and 80% the tools and application! Investing in a brush like this, which makes the application of your makeup completely effortless, is a great idea if you love those flawless finishes with your foundation.

The Blush Brush is my ultimate favourite of the range. It features a large, pointed dome shaped head which allows you to customise the blending, shape and colour intensity of your blush by tilting the angles of it. This brush is the softest brush out of the range, with slightly less dense bristles (even my boyfriend brushes around his face with it!) and the long hairs allow you to blend out your product so well.

The Setting Brush is the brush I use every time I do my makeup, to set my highlighted areas with a light powder. I use it by pressing and sweeping the small head of the brush with product over my face. I love the shape and size of the brush; it fits well into where I need it to be and there is never any ‘cake line’ around the areas I place the product. Though it is a beautiful brush, I wouldn’t describe it as a necessity in your basic brush collection, but when you begin to highlight your face it is really useful in ensuring you don’t have your face powders all blend up together.

The Powder Brush is luxuriously soft, and I love to use the huge head to sweep translucent setting powders onto my face. The bristles really live up to the ‘pixel perfect’ claims on the packaging, and the size of the brush allows me to blend my product all the way down my neck to avoid a cakey look.

With these brushes, I like to wash them every time I use them. I think this is necessary to maintain their softness and effectiveness at blending. The design of the brush means that they are very easy to clean; it is important not to allow water underneath the seal, and the seal on these brushes is extremely long. A clean brush is imperative to a seamless finish with your makeup, so that is something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing them!

I purchased these brushes on, a great website based in America which stocks all kinds of brushes which are extremely expensive over in Australia. In priceline, these brushes are around $21AUD each (*chokes and splutters on tea*), whereas from iHerb, they were around $6 to $8USD each, and the cost of postage wasn’t too offensive. (Although, my mother thought I had been buying marijuana online when the box labelled ‘iHerb’ landed on the doorstep!)

Other than that, I have a complete obsession with these brushes; they are beautiful (how sleek and pretty the design is) and luxuriously soft. They are definitely a favourite among my collection and they impress me every time I use them!

What is your favourite brush from this collection?


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