Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush Review

Once in a while you come across a ‘holy grail’ product. A product you wondered how on earth you struggled through life without, and now you have it, you’ll always use it. That’s pretty much what happened when the Sigma F80 brush made its way into my life. I ordered it along with a blending eyeshadow brush and some brow powder, but when it arrived, it kind of stole the show.

The bristles are so incredibly thick and dense. They’re short and easy to control and manoeuvre around your face. The bristles are synthetic, and Sigma claims they don’t absorb your product. I didn’t find that, however. Instead, my product (which was my NARS SheerGlow Foundation in Santa Fe) sort of ran through and got lost in the middle of the bristles. Other than that, I find the brush to be incredibly soft while still strong enough to really work your foundation into your skin.

This brush is a must have for most liquid foundations. There’s something about their application that looks way more natural and flawless, which, in my opinion looks far better than that weird streaky look I always got with one of those paddle shaped foundation brushes. It allows you to buff it in, so it looks like a part of your skin, rather than a layer sitting on top of it.

At $21USD, it is one of those more luxurious products that requires some justification if you’re just going to splurge. I needed this brush to apply my SheerGlow foundation (obviously), but seriously, it makes effortless work of proper blending of your foundation. Sigma has some lush stuff, so I usually wait until there are a few things I want so I can save on shipping. I completely recommend this brush! It has been a wonderful addition to my ever growing Sigma brush collection.

Have you used this brush? What’s your favourite Sigma product?


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