Monday, February 10, 2014

MAC Peach Blossom Lipstick - Review and Lip Swatches

I first saw this lipstick after watching a YouTuber I am absolutely obsessed with, Shaaanxo, use it in one of her tutorials. I thought the colour looked beautiful. While it is similar to Angel, which I have had for a while, it is slightly sheerer, and has a peachier undertone. I'm still on my quest to find the perfect peach lipstick, but this one came quite close to taking the title.

So, the lipstick is extremely sheer and to be honest, not very buildable in terms of pigmentation. In terms of shimmer, it is extremely buildable. It gives the lips a glossy and shimmery layer of a slightly peachy pink colour, which isn’t too over the top and wearable for daytime looks. It is comparable to Angel by MAC in terms of it being described as a ‘my lips but a better colour’ colour, and gives a slightly orangey tint to the lips, which looks kind of tropical.

It has a gorgeous glossy texture which feels extremely light when on the lips. It feels almost like a lipbalm, however, doesn’t really add any moisture to the lips.
I’d definitely get more wear out of this during the day, and more specifically, summer. The colour suits sunny days well, but if I wore it during the night it would barely be able to be visible, which is a shame as I think the shade is beautiful!

Overall, this lipstick isn’t breathtaking, but I don’t regret buying it. It is a really pretty shade and makes for a lovely glossy lip. It is similar to Angel though, and I think that if you have one, you don’t really need the other, and there are much better peach toned lipsticks out there.

What do you think of this shade? Which is your favourite peach lipstick?


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