Monday, February 17, 2014

Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Review

Name things that smell good…walking past Subway, new shoes, clean clothes. And what do things that smell good do? For me, they completely and utterly relax me. As for this face mask by Formula 10.0.6 (a brand specifically designed for troublesome teenage skin) it relaxes me, tingles a little bit and detoxifies my skin reeeally deeply. I love it so much, and it is my go-to face mask that I always choose if I feel like my skin needs some particularly deep cleansing.

I have two of the other Formula 10.0.6 face masks; the No Time To Shine Oil Absorbing Mud Mask and Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask (phew, long names), and both of those masks really tingled and actually kinda sting. Not complaining though! I actually love that stingy intense tingling feeling because I feel like its working deep down. This one is the only one from the range (as I have gathered from other reviews) that doesn’t really tingle. Many people really like the fact that the feeling isn’t so intense, so this would be a choice for those of you with sensitive skin.

This mask smells absolutely heavenly, by the way! The orange scent is really refreshing and invigorating, however this does make me steer clear of it late at night. The bergamot smell is spicy and warming.

This mask really works to draw out impurities from within the skin’s layers. However, while it does cleanse deep down, after I’ve used it, the day after I’ll get a reeeally bad breakout, but I know it is only because I’ve drawn all the dirt back up to the surface of my skin, and my skin is reacting. I’m wary of when I use the mask, because of the imminent break out I know I’ll get. But having said this, when the breakout clears, my skin is gorgeous and clean and all my pores seem unblocked.

Overall, I love it! I love the ease of application, the formula is creamy and smooth to apply. It dries completely and takes about 10-15 depending on how thick you apply the mask, which is the perfect amount of time to relax. I’d definitely recommend this product. I love love love this mask.

Do you use any of the Formula 10.0.6 face masks? Which is your favourite?


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