Thursday, February 27, 2014

Clothing Haul!

Nothing better than an impromptu haul! I went out yesterday not knowing I was even going to buy anything! I ended up with a whole bunch of really amazingly lovely stuff that I’m so so excited about. I was at Westfield in Knox with my mum, just having a casual browse, really, when I decided I had to ambush my savings account and transfer some money so I could buy some things! I put the full haul in a video for my YouTube Channel (watch that here), but took separate pictures of my top favourite items to speak more in-depth about them. My boyfriend wouldn’t listen to me harp on, but hopefully you guys will!

1.     Laser Cut Out Ponte Top -- Dotti $29.95 | Link
So incredibly girly, feminine, cute, elegant and tasteful. This top is absolutely beautiful and I immediately fell in love with it when it caught my eye from across the store. Dotti has really really rreeeaaallyy grown on me the past few months. They have some really beautiful stuff coming in. This top in particular has a pretty cut out floral-ish pattern at the bottom, just above a gorgeous scalloped hem. It is slightly cropped, and has really cute capped sleeves, which I have been adoring over summer this year. I was always a bit put off Dotti because of their prices, but it isn’t something I’m too worried about now. I guess this top is one I can re-wear and re-wear and it’s not going to be ‘out of fashion’ in a few months. It is pretty timeless in my opinion, and I can easily layer it for the winter.
2.     Black Jelly Sandals -- Rubi Shoes $15 | Link
Rubi never ceases to impress me with their affordable and bang on trend footwear styles. Yesterday they had me agonizing over lily sandals, wedges and cute slip on flats. I decided I’d get jellies because I see girls in them all the time, and they seem comfortable and easy. I’m a big fan of mine already. They’re definitely comfortable; I was worried about blisters forming but they never came! They’re pretty sweaty but it’s no big deal, because no one can tell and they look really cute and casual. Awesome with jeans or shorts. Love them!
3.     'Fleet' Stiletto Heels -- Spendless Shoes $49.95 | Link
I thought it was about time I get some elegant stiletto heels that I’d been craving after I saw two of my favourite YouTubers, Karissa Pukas(Link) and Lauren Curtis (Link), wearing similar style heels. They’re beautiful and glamorous but still pretty comfy, and you feel secure being so close to the floor, not teetering around on great platforms. They’re quite basic, too, meaning you can dress them up or down, and wear them with many colours, prints and styles. These particular shoes came in black and then white and nude, arghhhh, why so beautiful??! I absolutely love Spendless Shoes; I find their products really well made and affordable. I wholeheartedly recommend them, plus their staff is usually really friendly and helpful!
4.     The Pastel Coat -- Dotti $129.95 | Link
Oh. My. Lord. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate what I am SURE is my favourite fashion item of the YEAR. Have you ever seen such a beautiful coat?? I’m absolutely smitten with it, and I find myself trying it on throughout the day just to look at it in the mirror. Oh dear. I saw this in Dotti and had to have it, despite the large-ish pricetag. It’s a pretty neutral pastel colour, (pink, my favourite) so I’ll be able to pair it with denim, tan, black or grey pants or leggings through the winter. I also thought it looked really sexy as an evening jacket for dinner dates or evening functions as it shows the legs off, but still looks classic and demure. It is the perfect length, the most flattering cut, and is really warm and comfortable. It’s got pockets which are pretty deep, and the sleeves come down nicely so they’ll keep your hands warm during the winter months. Honestly I have never loved a coat so much, and I don’t think I could even love a human child as much as I love this coat. Just kidding. (I’m not kidding).

So those are my top picks from my haul yesterday. Check out the video on my YouTube Channel below to see the other stuff I picked up; there’s makeup, jewellery and some other clothing items.

What is your top fashion item of the year so far?


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