Tuesday, February 18, 2014

MAC Snob Lipstick Review and Swatches

Snob by MAC is a lipstick I’ve had a really interesting relationship with! It was my first ever MAC lipstick and I wore it continually for about a month, in every mismatched makeup look you can think of. I loved it so much at first, but when I bought my second MAC lipstick, which was Angel, I realised that the colour didn’t suit my pale skin at all and I vowed never to use it now that I had better colours which suited me more.

Snob is a cool-toned blue based pink, and MAC describes it as ‘a ladylike mauve’, so it definitely has that purply tinge to it. I didn’t notice this at first; my untrained eye for makeup saw a pretty pink lipstick and bought it straight away! I noticed that this colour really doesn’t suit my pale skin during the winter months. I found the blue to drain the colour out of my complexion and also made my teeth look really yellow! Argh. I’ve always wanted a proper lilac lipstick, but Snob sat too in between pink and mauve for me.

Then, however, I tried on Snob again now it is summer and my skin is pretty dark (for me at least), and I absolutely loved how it looked on me! I’ve started using it again now and I really can’t see the sickly blueish tone to my lips. It’s all about the contrast I guess. I also use a whitening toothpaste pretty religiously now, so my teeth aren’t noticeably yellow against the mauve shade, however I guess a purple toned lippy will always add that unwanted yellowness to the teeth. Boo!

The finish is a satin finish, but feels quite thick and matte during application. It can tend to be quite chalky and dry, but reapplication breathes new life back into your lips. The colour doesn’t tend to fade on me unless I’ve really ripped into a meal or a cup of tea, so I’m impressed with its longevity! It cost $35AUD, which is a bit of a pinch to the old purse (I usually get my MAC lippies off eBay or wait til my visit to the motherland every winter to stock up) but now I’ve started using it again I’m not too despairing about the money I spent on it. I’d recommend this for deeper skin tones; all the swatches on google you might find look awesome but take note of their complexions because in my opinion it looks better on olive or medium skintones! I’d recommend this lipstick! It can be quite a daring shade to pull off due to it’s brightness and interesting blueish tone, but I’m happy with it now and will always reach for it during the summer months when I need to look more snobby!

Please note I took these pictures of my MAC lipsticks before I discovered the amazing revelation that is MACRO! You may have noticed my picture quality has (i hope) improved recently. 

Now I have reviewed all my MAC lippies on my blog, here is my brief review and swatch video to accompany these posts! Enjoy <3


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