Monday, February 10, 2014

MAC Morange Lipstick - Review and Lip Swatches

Morange. Possibly one of the most appealing, interesting, vibrant shades of lipstick MAC has ever produced. It is part of their Amplified Crème collection, and, described as an ‘orangey red’, absolutely captivated me (and my purse) as soon as I learned of its existence.

So many people tend to compliment you when you wear this lipstick, so if you want a crowd pleaser, this is the one for you! It does take some guts to wear though, and that’s the only thing. I’m extremely conscious of colour clashes and find this lipstick works best if I’m all in white or all in black. It’s suuuuch an attention grabbing lipstick, but relatively easy to pull off. I simply pair mine with a winged liner and neutral cheeks (definitely don’t go overboard on the rest of your face if you’re wearing Morange, it can become drag queenish!).

The texture of this lippy is soo creamy. It is a lustre finish which generally means that the lipstick has a very velvety consistency and application is thick and creamy. The colour is very opaque (and runs quite a bit if you make a mistake and try to correct it with a makeup wipe), but once it is on, you’ll only really have to touch up if you’ve eaten. The colour fades over a long period of time, but it still remains bold and a noticeable orangey red!

At $35AUD or 15GBP, they’re pretty pricey in Australia, and so I'll almost always wait until my annual trip home to England before I stock up on MAC lipsticks. Despite it’s expensiveness, it really is a gorgeous shade, and a favourite of many. I just wish I’d have known I wouldn’t get as much wear out of it as I’d have liked!

Do you own this shade? How often do you wear it?


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