Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Top 5 Lacy Fashion Picks!

’ve always leaned towards a lovely lacy dress, or pair of shorts, or underwear. It wasn’t until recently I realised my wardrobe consists mainly of items which include lace, so I decided I’d single out my top 5 to write about. These are my 5 favourite and most-worn items of clothing which feature laciness.

The white lace playsuit was on eBay (though I know you can still get it) and came from China. It was unbelievably cheap, around $14 or $15AUD including shipping, so I was really excited. It took a while to come but when it did I fell in love. It is effortlessly cute, and although it seems a bit ‘young’, I like to dress it up with heels and a blazer in the evenings, and dress it down with sandals in the day time. It’s a really easy piece to wear. It’s white, so it goes with everything, and the floral lace is simply wonderful.

The mint playsuit was bought from Beginning Boutique, one of my ultimate favourite online stores. It was $68AUD (and got reduced the week after I purchased it, ARGHH), but came really quickly so I was happy. It sort of fits like a babydoll dress; very oversized with a high waistline, and large flowy shorts with beautiful mint lace all around the bottom. The tank top is brilliant for the summer, and it’s oversized, loose fit it’s extremely comfortable.

The White Lace Skirt is actually part of a 2 piece set, with a crop top to match (it is to die for), but the skirt by itself is actually easy to wear and really feminine. And white goes with everything! I’ve been wearing it with some of my other crop tops; I have tank top crops from Supre in all different colours, which allows me to inject some colour into my outfit. Then I’ve either worn my Doc Martens (so grungy and cool) or fisherman Lillian Sandals (which are way girlier).

The Black Shorts are called Sparrow Shorts, and are also from Beginning Boutique (seriously, their stuff is addicting) and are some of my most worn shorts. I have them in about 5 different colours, but the black is one of the best looking on me. I’ve worn them everywhere, from clubbing to just slouching round the house. They look incredible and flattering on your thighs (they’re kind of loose, making your legs appear a little thinner) and they sinch in your waist to create an hourglass figure.

De ja vu? These neon coral lace shorts, which DO NOT show up as well as they should on camera are just ah-mazingggg. They made my way into my collection very recently; I found them in a boutique in Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast on my last holiday there. I made my boyfriend pay for them and since then I’ve found any excuse to wear them. These shorts are great with crop tops (it is pretty much all I wear with them) and are so summery and flirty and lacy and fabulous.

So those are my top 5 picks for lacy clothing, which I find to be perfect for summer! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can definitely expect more fashion posts in future.

What is your favourite piece of lace clothing?


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