Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Treatment Review

This post is going to be on one of the first products I haven’t utterly raved about. It is the Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask. I purchased this in Superdrug in England for 1.96 pounds, so I’m not complaining on the price at all.

Shampoo and Conditioner rant: I got it alongside the Bee Strong (Honey I’m Strong) shampoo and conditioner, which are actually a massive let down! It’s a real shame because I used to adore Herbal Essences products until I started bleaching my hair. I switched to higher end salon products to condition my hair better. It was only when a favourite YouTuber of mine, ChloeMorello recommended the range, I decided I’d give their new range a go. The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner, I was let down. My hair felt really dry and strawlike, even though I leave my conditioner on for about 7 mins while I’m showering. The consistency of the product was weird and waxy, but I actually really enjoyed the honey-sweet smell. The conditioner felt very moisturising on my hands, however it obviously never made its way into my very dry hair. That’s another thing, I must stress that my hair is very very dry usually due to my bleaching and straightening habits, but I’m usually able to keep it in pretty nice condition using other drugstore brands like Aussie Miracle or Wella and salon brands, like Goldwell or Kerastase. To surmise, the shampoo and conditioner did absolutely nothing for me except make my hair smell sweet and honeylike. It remained dry and breaky and felt stripped of moisture. I have since used these two products on my dog, who enjoys it very much.

Now, on to the actual treatment mask. I was surprisingly happy with the results of the mask itself, even though I used it with different shampoo and conditioner due to my disappointment with the Bee Strong ones. The mask is also really waxy and thick in its texture, and has the same gorgeous smell. The pot is a nice size, quite generous compared to some other hair treatments. I took two very small handfuls and split my hair in half. I ran the first handful through the left side of my hair and massaged it in so my hair felt saturated with the product. I repeated on the other side and then waited about an hour. This is longer than you’re supposed to but who cares? I like my pamper sessions! The smell was glorious and my hair felt really heavy and thick with the gooey mask, which I really love and it felt like it was doing my hair a load of good.

I rinsed it out and my hair did actually feel pretty moisturised. I’m considerably pleased with the results of this really cheap (cheap in price, not cheap as in quality) hair mask! For 1 pound 96p I’m really not complaining! The mask left my hair quite nicely nourished, it reduced the appearance of my split ends and made my strands feel slightly fuller. I’m really impressed with this mask for the price (though I’m sure it is usually a bit more, but I got it on sale) and I might repurchase it again. There are other masks I prefer, but it’s a great one if you’re on a budget or if you like to substitute hair masks in as your conditioner, because that can get pretty pricey. Overall, I really nice hair treatment considering the price! However, I’ll probably buy the Beautiful Ends collection in future, as I’ve tried and tested it before and it has worked better for me.

Do you like the Bee Strong range by Herbal Essences? Which range of theirs is your favourite?


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