Monday, February 10, 2014

Napoleon Perdis Set - Brightening Pre Foundation Primer Review and Swatches!

Napoleon Perdis is the man that every girl wants in her bedroom. I am referring to his beauty products of course. I am a huge fan of his stuff; I have a long list of items I’d love to buy at some point! This primer is a well loved item in my makeup collection. It is a purple/greyish toned primer designed to brighten up the complexion for a youthful, vibrant glow.

What I really like about the primer is that it is available at Target, which is really rare for a higher end beauty product. It retails for $29, which might be considered pretty pricey for Target, but when compared to MAC or NARS, it is pretty affordable. The tube is a great size, and you get a whole load of product inside. The packaging is sleek and pastel lilac (I love anything pastel!) and white. Gorgeous.

The product itself is a very strange looking purple/grey colour. I did some research and it is this colour to counteract dulling yellow tones in the face, which makes sense (think green concealers to counteract redness). It is the usual thick-ish pastey primer formula, and spreads and blends pretty well.
The primer contains an anti-aging complex, which I’m not entirely sure I’m in dire need of now, but maybe one day! I can’t really comment on the effectiveness on that as I currently am lacking in the wrinkle department! I’m happy with the brightening effects of the primer though, my skin does appear a whole lot less dull after application. It also has a really smoothing effect on my skin, and I’d say this was the aspect of the primer I am happiest with. It really does create a gorgeously smooth base for you to then blend foundation on top of. **Pro-tip! – use a brush to blend the primer into your skin, then use the same brush for your foundation. The mixture of the products makes for extra staying power, and the brightening effects of the primer work through the foundation too. I’d recommend the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush.

Overall, I’m always impressed with the NP set and Napoleon Perdis’ makeup range. Next on my hitlist is the lip plumper treatment!

What is your favourite NP set product?


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