Monday, February 24, 2014

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage Review

Today’s review is a product many MAC lovers will be more than well acquainted with. It is of course, arguably one of the best best primers in the whole wide world, MAC Prep + Prime Skin. This wonderful primer came into my life after I tried and failed to perfect my base using drugstore primers. I’m not saying all drugstore primers are junk, just none of them seemed to be incredible at mattifying, smoothing and preparing my face for flawless foundation application. Plus, for the price of a drugstore primer, one can’t expect flawless results. In my opinion it is absolutely worth investing in a proper primer. They are a necessity for me if I want a longwearing, quality looking full face for more than a few hours.

This primer comes in a 30ml pump, the same as most foundation quantities (perfect!) and I absolutely love the sleek black cylinder packaging. It’s smallish and fits in my travel makeup bag nicely. When dispensed, the primer is a thick-ish white product and it spreads around really nicely. It’s actually kind of moussey; very light and spreadable, but doesn’t feel oily or greasy at all. This primer doesn’t have a noticeable smell, which is good for those among us who are put off by those intense chemical-ly smells of beauty products. I usually apply this onto my face using my fingers because that warms the product and allows it to spread well, however, I sometimes like to unleash my inner technical makeup artist and use a buffing brush, then use the same buffing brush for my foundation because it blends it all up together and makes the foundation really sink into the skin, giving a pretty natural effect. I find that my fingers work really well too though, and, well, it’s easier.

Once it is applied, my skin is instantly really smoothed over because of the silicone in the product which fills in pores and almost resurfaces your face. My skin feels like it is all the same texture, and seems like it has a light sheen of velvet over the top. It becomes the perfect base for then applying foundation and concealer. The formula also works to soothe away any redness, which is great for me because I do tend to have quite red skin around my nose and especially on my chin where I get spots (I curse you hormones!!). My foundation goes on over the top beautifully after this and sits there quite happily for hours and hours. This primer truly increases the longevity of my face, which is exactly what you want if you’ve spent an hour or so making your face beautiful! This primer is one of my top primers ever, and I’m a firm believer of ‘you get what you pay for’, so I’d definitely recommend purchasing a higher end primer to get those perfect, flawless results. I love this primer!


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