Friday, February 7, 2014

What's In My Handbag?

So this is my handbag, one of my most prized possessions. I got it for Christmas from my Dad from a retailer on Ebay. After purchasing it, I realised it looked similar to the Celine Phantom Bags. To. Die. For. Mine was a heap cheaper but I still love it the same. It is a nude bag with leather look exterior. Cute curves and a zip on the front, with short straps (my favourite).

Sooo what is in my handbag of wonder? Oh...boring stuff. And weird dusty dirt? Does anyone else get that? What even is it??

As you can see, I don't overdo it. I don't like to have to trawl a huge amount of stuff around with me all day. There is nothing worse than a heavy handbag! So I like to keep the essentials; it is all about prioritizing!

So the first and most important thing I carry in my handbag is my phone. I cannot be without it! Then I've always got a perfume in there to spritz myself up. At the moment it is Daisy, Marc Jacobs but I like to switch it around every week or so. Then I've got my Impulse Body Spray in Sweet Smile, my favourite body spray; really summery and fruity! I also carry a concealer (for life or death situations), my gorgeous cat-eye sunglasses and a spare pair of underwear! About the underwear; I'm not a chronic pant-wetter or anything, it's just that sometimes I have impromptu sleepovers at my boyfriend's, so I always carry a spare pair of clean underwear around. I can't be the only one!

Then I've got my wallet, which looks like it could be a designer brand but I actually got it off Ebay for $6 because I spilled milk in my last one and needed a replacement quickly! That's got all my cards and money in there (haha, like 0.45 cents), and a picture of me and my boyfriend. Aw.
I also always keep baby/cleansing/makeup wipes in my bag. You never know! They're very very handy to have.

Then I have my diary, which keeps my life together, it seems! I've got all sorts in there, shifts, workouts, meetings, bill due dates, pay days etc etc! 
Then of course I have my house key. I don't usually keep my car keys in my handbag when I'm home. There's a bowl in my house where everyone keeps their car keys, so I keep them there. 

Then the last couple of things are my Blistex Lipbalm ( I actually carry 2 around with me because I always lose one!) which is honestly the best lipbalm ever. I'm a nervous chewer of my lips, and as soon as I realize the carnage I've done, I stick a thick layer of this on and it tingles my lips back to perfect health! Beautiful.
Aaaaand my hairbrush, goes without saying. My hair gets pretty funky looking after a car ride with the window open a bit.

So that's what I carry around with me in my handbag! Do we carry any of the same things? What's the weirdest thing you guys carry around? (Mine would definitely be the underwear!) 

love Jasmine xxx


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