Monday, February 24, 2014

Ralph Lauren Romance | Summer Blossom Fragrance Review

I don’t find anything quite as romantic as an unexpected gift, even a handwritten note or an unexpected takeaway latte will sweep me off my feet! So, when my boyfriend presented me with this giftwrapped box from David Jones, obviously my heart absolutely melted! I’m in love with anything pink, floral and gorgeous smelling, so this wonderful gift was perfect and I have loved it ever since.

Ralph says that “Romance is in the air with Ralph Lauren Summer Blossom, a magnificent, fresh fruit-floral scent that embodies a playful air of sunshine and romance.” I’d agree on the floral fresh scent, but I don’t personally detect any fruity scents. My nose isn’t well trained in the field of perfumes, but some fragrances are really able to leap out at me and those are the ones I like better to be honest! I like really obvious scents, like rose or grapefruit. It is those unmistakable scents that really draw me into a fragrance. Having said this, Summer Blossom is definitely a lively and spirited, but primarily floral scent. (a brilliant website if you’re looking for your perfect scent) says that Summer Blossom’s primary scents are white floral, tropical, fruity, coconut, citrus and animalic. Whatever the combination of fragrances, this perfume blends up to create a very clean (emphasis on the clean (sometimes I think it smells soapy, not in a bad way!)) smelling perfume.

I prefer to wear this when I’m feeling extra pretty and girly. It’s not one I slap on for day to day errands; I like to add it when I’m dressed and made up because it makes me feel put together and flirty and happy! It is perfect for dates or dinners, and I’ve worn it out shopping at Chadstone a couple of times. With it being limited edition (booo, hisss) I’m trying to be sparing with it, because I know once it’s gone, it’s gone! This is proving to be quite difficult because this perfume is extreeeemely light and tends to fade quickly over a few hours, making re-application necessary. So far, I’ve used about 1/8 and I’m looking forward to dousing myself in it more and more. This perfume has made me more interested in Ralph Lauren scents so I’d be open to finding a different one from their range to replace this one when I’ve drained it all!

Overall, I’m very happy with this fragrance and I love wearing it on more special occasions. I’m not sure if you can still find this anywhere, given that it was/is limited edition. I’m also not entirely sure how much this was bought for given that it was a gift! Sorry to be a bit useless in this department, but I can confirm that it is a very fresh and beautiful fragrance that feels really uplifting. Love it!


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