Thursday, February 27, 2014

Babescrub Order!

I’m excited to have ordered the BabeScrub range today! I got all three scrubs so I’m going to try out each and update you on the progress. I’m going to talk about the smells, textures, effectiveness, how long it lasts, storage, ingredients and basically anything and everything you could ever wish to know about the amazing new range of scrubs! I was inspired to buy mine after two of my all time fave YouTubers/bloggers posted Instagram pictures of theirs! I absolutely love body scrubs. I loved the Soap & Glory Scrubs, and I had planned to buy the Frank Body Scrub, but I was drawn to BabeScrub because of their specializations and specific problems their scrubs target! My order should be here within 10 days, so look out for review posts and an accompanying video. Yaaaaaaay excited!


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