Monday, February 3, 2014

Newest Love Affair: Co-Ords!

Hi guys! I am usually not one to jump on a fashion bandwagon. I have always worn whatever I liked and never really taken much notice of what girls on TV or my friends were wearing. My best friend Fern used to wear tiny denim shorts and flowy tops. I wore corduroys. 

That was, however, until I fell in love with a crop top in Supre last week, only to discover they didn't have it in my size! Now, Supre isn't somewhere I'm open about shopping, and I usually cringe when I see the 13 year old tweens scurrying in and out of the doors, scantily clad in hot shorts and bralets. But, I REALLY LIKED THIS TOP. 

I went on the website to find it in my size, and found that there was a skirt too. I about died! These pieces are absolutely the most girly, summery, classic items you could hope to find for summer. Think Melbourne Cup classy, crisp white summery, and midriff-exposing girly. I am in love.

Naturally, I ordered both, and just wanted to have a little rave about how flattering and (surprisingly) well-made these Supre items are. At $25 and $35, you'd expect them to be good, but the lace is soft and the shirt itself is form fitting yet perfectly comfortable.

This is the picture I took when I tried it on. I don't know. You know there are just some types of clothes that you reeeeeeeally feel fit your body and flatter your shape and make you feel sexy? This is that!!

I'm a flat chested girl, but seriously, I feel good in this! I'm actually planning to wow my boyfriend on Valentine's Day with this outfit. I'll pair it with a cute rosy look using my Naked 3 palette, and some fresh white sandals. White on white is so on trend at the moment, and this is seriously the first trend for years that has truly caught my eye. 

So this is the skirt. It is a gorgeous Skater style skirt which pulls your waist in to flatter your body. It creates a waist where you may not even have one. I love to wear these kinds of skirts with crop tops (in my wardrobe I have 4 different American Apparel Double Layered Chiffon Skirts), because it allows you to show some skin without looking trashy or half-naked. Midriffs are popular with celebrities and in fashion recently too (oops, maybe I am more influenced by the media than I like to think!)

Then the top, which was the thing that immediately won me over in the store, with it's romantic floral lace and soft fabric. The capped sleeves slim the arms, and give that timeless, feminine feel. I love the high neckline, too; even though this is a crop top, it is far from revealing. The capped sleeves and modest round neckline keep this look super flirty and feminine, yet demure and above all, sophisticated!

What I especially love about this look is that it isn't as teenagery as most of Supre's stock. This is the adults' crop top, and I feel gorgeous when I wear it with the matching skirt. 

Far from looking over-the-top with prints, these co-ords are going to be one of my most worn items for summer 2014. I'll pair them with my Lillian Sandals in white, for a crisp, fresh summer look that my tan will look AMAZING against!


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