Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Green Machine Juice Recipe - Breville Juice Fountain Review

Well, here it is. I present to you the Breville Juice Fountain, the newest addition to my ‘eat healthier’ efforts. I’ve been pining for a juicer ever since I saw this documentary where this guy drank nothing but juice for 3 months and went from being fat to the point of serious illness to slim and very good looking! I tried using the family smoothie maker but I’m not really a smoothie person (I hate even OJ pulp, so seeds and bits of fruit are not ideal), so I put my mind to it to buy a juicer. And now I have one!

A quick review of the Breville Juice Fountain: I purchased this juicer from Big W for $198, which is pretty pricey. However, having used it, I can say that the juice is produces is clean and crisp tasting. It works easily and comes with a booklet of REALLY helpful information (nutritional value of fruits and veggies, recipes, speed settings for all the fruits), and is very simple to dismantle for cleaning. It is a juicer that would require lots of care; proper cleaning and drying are essential to its function, as you can tell when you first dismantle it. When it is juicing it is pretty loud, but really quick. It comes with an innovative jug which eliminates that gross foam from the top of your juice, leaving you only the great tasting goodness underneath. I’d recommend you juice in bulk when using this juicer, because it is quite time consuming to clean if you’re only making a cupful (just freeze or refrigerate what you don’t drink then). I’m completely in love with my juicer and can’t wait to use it more. Expect millions of recipe posts!

Here is the recipe for my Green Machine Juice:
2 Red apples
1 lemon (peeled) – add less if you prefer your juice less sweet
100ml Coconut water
2 handfuls of green seedless grapes
1 large stick of celery

-       Wash the fruit, remove grapes from stalks, peel the lemon
-       (It’s so simple it sounds silly) Juice the fruit
-       Stir in the Coconut water afterwards
-       Enjoy!

Celery is one of the best foods for weightloss, because it works in reverse calories! Basically, whatever energy you use to chew up the celery is actually more than the celery gives you. A miracle! I don’t mind the taste at all, so I’m happy to load up my juices with it. As for the lemon, I love sweet drinks, and would struggle with a really bitter juice. On the plus side, lemon is rich in immunity boosting, anti viral and antibacterial properties! Wonderful for keeping the colds at bay. Apples are brilliant for your Vitamin C and helps to detoxify your body, plus they taste gooood. The grapes are obviously wonderfully tasting, but also contain the chemicals Resveratrol and Catechins, which fight against heart disease and colon and prostate cancer, and work to detoxify your body. Then I always love coconut water, which is wonderful for hydration. A hydrated body means it shows on the outside! Shiny hair, healthy nails and soft skin.

What is your favourite juice recipe?


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