Monday, February 10, 2014

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review and Demonstration - How I Cured My Acne

Acne, spots, oily skin, dry skin, dullness, blackheads. These, unfortunately, are facts of life for many teenage girls (and to those who don’t suffer with these things, damn you!). I’m no stranger to spots and oily skin, but I’ve discovered that the first step to clearing up any of your skin’s problems is making sure it is properly clean. The Clarisonic has become a favourite of many men and women, and it has upheld its place in many a bathroom due to its great reputation. I describe it to people as ‘a big electric toothbrush for your face’, and it cleans your skin deep down for beautifully clear skin.

I ordered mine from eBay about a month ago, after being thoroughly sick and tired of my recurring spots and blackheads on my nose I just couldn’t shift. I’ve tried and tested many products (proudly stocking half of Boots and Priceline in my bathroom cupboards). Pore strips, face masks, vitamins and toners all seemed to make a slight dent, but nothing really worked properly. I learned about the Clarisonic on YouTube, and to be honest, at first I was sceptical about paying big bucks for what could just be another fad.

It arrived in a white box with a bunch of leaflets and coupons. The Clarisonic itself came with a travel/sample size gel wash, a travel case and a charger. Immediately I plugged it in to charge. The leaflets are informative, and its best that you keep them. They tell you about the pulse T timer, proper usage, charge times and all that jazz.

The Clarisonic is extreeeemely and simple to use. You literally push the ON button, and move the super soft brush in small circular motions until the T timer pulses and then you move on to the next area. You start with your forehead, a problem area for many people, for 20 seconds, then move onto your nose and chin (my worst areas) for 20 seconds, and then work on each cheek for 10 seconds each. I always use it at night, right before bed. You can sometimes see the dirt on the brush, and it’s so gross to think you were going to go to bed with it on your face! After usage, I always make sure I rinse the brush head, dry the body of the Clarisonic and leave it somewhere dry (usually my bedroom).

I love to use the NATIO Acne Skincare range with my Clarisonic. The Dual Action Cleanser and Toner foams up so nicely and lets me see where I’ve covered and where I need to go. I follow immediately with my moisturiser, which is also from the range, to start nourishing and protecting my skin while it is still warm and my pores are open. In the morning, I use the Detoxifying Face Scrub, but I use it very lightly so I don’t over exfoliate my face. It is a cream scrub so I just massage it in gently and rinse.

Since I began using my Clarisonic, not only has my skin improved in clarity and texture, I’ve devised a skincare regime that actually works. The Clarisonic has given me something pretty fun to make my evening skincare routine less of a chore. But seriously, I can honestly say that this product has completely worked for me! In the month that I have used it (religiously, I might add), my spots have become less frequent and less severe. After using it my skin looks really radiant and fresh, because the top layer of dirt and sweat and dead skin (EW) has all been swept away.

The brush heads need replacing every 3 months, and each charge lasts about 24 washes. So this is a product which will require a bit of upkeep. If you’re not interested in maintaining it or committing to a decent skincare regime I probably wouldn’t recommend you spend so much on a product, because it might be a waste for you! I’d also definitely advise that this product should be a part of your skincare regime, not the sole part of it. You’ve also (obviously) got to watch what you’re eating, take your hair into consideration (oily fringe = spotty forehead!), and have a proper skincare routine using good products.

On eBay you can find this product for between $120AUD to $140AUD, and it comes in a variety of colours (of course, I chose pink!). For me, it was an easy price to pay for wonderfully clean and clear skin!

Do you use the Clarisonic? What products do you use with it?

Also, take a look at my accompanying YouTube video, which gives a very brief review and demonstration for your viewing pleasure!


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